Assassination of Mario Bachand and the Seven Veils

There are many mysteries about the FLQ, perhaps the most important being the murder of Mario Bachand in Paris. But there are others.  Altogether, there are seven that are of major importance:

  1. The killing of Mario Bachand
  2. The killing of Richard Bros
  3. The Montreal bombings of 1968-1969
  4. The bombing of National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ) in Ottawa, 24 June, 1968
  5. The role of Nigel Hamer in the kidnapping of James Cross, 5 October 1970.
  6. The role of Swiss and British intelligence services regarding Richard Bros, in the months leading to the kidnapping of James Cross
  7. The visit to Sommières, France, in the Spring of 1970, by René Lévesque and Richard Bros

These are largely unknown to the the academic specialists who claim to be expert in terrorism and counter-terrorism, and certainly to the Canadian public.

It is my view that we cannot hope to understand the FLQ era, which lasted a decade, without lifting the veil of secrecy that covers them. Which I will discuss over coming weeks.

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