Bad Company

Mario Bachand and Paul Rose shows close association, which would have concerned RCMP and government authorities
Demonstration led by Mario Bachand October 16 1968

There are those who say that Mario Bachand was too insignificant to have been killed by a special service, which would have to have been directed tby a government, at the highest level. The Canadien academic Reg Whitaker of the University of Victoria being one. However, close look at certain evidence suggests otherwise. For example, this photograph of a demonstration in Montreal on the 16th of October 1968. Mario Bachand led the domenstration, and he can be seen behind the CIS sign. A short distance behind Bachand can be seen the figure of Paul Rose, wearing black hat with light-coloured ribbon, who two years later would form the Chenier Cell of the FLQ, responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Quebec Minister Pierre Laporte.

Following the murder of Lapart, certain governments and special services would no doubt have studied that and no doubt other photographs with particular interest.

What is remarkable about the position of Whitaker is that it permits complete avoidance of evidence, which is an odd position for an academic to take.