A clue

The above document was written by Director General Intelligence Service (DGIS) of the RCMP John Starnes. It is a page of notes prepared by Starnes to make clear to the McDonald Commission that the government of PM Trudeau had knowledge and gave approval forĀ  RCMP operations to counter FLQ terrorism, separatist activity and French subversion. The RCMP would not be ‘hung out to dry’ for operations ordered or otherwise approved by federal authorities, particularly by PM Trudeau.

The first two paragraphs, highlighted in orange (my emphasis) are of particular interest. They relate to a meeting, on the 17th of March, 1971, at Rideau Gate, of the follow officials:

  • John Starnes, DGIS
  • Robin Bourne
  • RCMP Inspector Ferraris
  • Gilles Neron
  • Gerard Frigon

“File D937-7821 – Quebec Government, intention – start offensive ops in Paris, Frigon & Neron, Insp. Ferraris”


Rideau Gate